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Tips on: Writing Your CV

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Here at Supreme Recruitment, we have experienced thousands of CVs, and can differentiate between good and bad ones. We have put together some tips for you to create an effective CV to help you in your employment journey.

What is a CV?

.At Supreme Recruitment, we cannot send any candidate to work without an up to date CV. A CV (curriculum vitae) is a summary of of your work history, unique skills, achievements, qualifications and more.

What should be on my CV?

Your CV should start with your full name, address and contact details (telephone number and email address). This makes it easier for the employer to contact you. Below is a breakdown of what to include and in our suggested order:

Full Name


Telephone Number and Email Address

Personal Summary

Work History


Voluntary Work

Key Skills

Notable Achievements

Key Tips

- Less is more. Stay away from fancy fonts, colours and pictures

- Make it as concise as possible. Managers will not read pages and pages of a CV. Again, less is more. State your key points and aim for your CV to be 1-2 sides of A4. Employers will have the opportunity to discuss your CV with you in more detail if necessary.

- Tell the truth. It is likely employers will check a few things from your CV. If they find inaccuracies, you are already more than likely out of the runnings

for the job.

- Use bullet points and keep your sentences short.

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